Coderrrs is a new social network built exclusively for Web Developers, Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketers, SEO Experts, Social Media Experts, and all other related web dev fields.

We are taking the best features from sites such as Dribbble, Forrst, StackOverflow, Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Behance, LinkedIn, and more and building a network that is meant just for the web dev community to network and share resources and knowledge among many other things.

It’s going to truly kick ass.  2 years in the making, things are only getting better and now in the development stages we are sharing our vision with you guys and allowing you to inspire and contribute your thoughts and requests into the feature set of this network as we truly want to make it a home for all us Web Dev & Design folks.

Below is a quick 2 minute survey requesting your feedback on a few issues and any other ideas and comments you would like to share.  There is also a place to join our mailing list so that you can follow the progress of our network and even have a chance at early access when we launch for BETA testing in the near future.

We appreciate your feedback and we are taking it all to heart so please share and tell us what you want below, thank you

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– Jason Davis @JasonDavisFL
Lead Developer

Planned Features

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  • Profiles/Account  – Core user account features and capabilities
    • Profiles to show all a users information along with widgets showcasing there data on the network from all the sections of the network (blog, portfolio, feed/wall posts, bookmarks, snippets, and more)
    • Usernames – You will be able to choose a username which will be used to view your profile, blog, code snippets, bookmarks, and all the other sections in which you create content.
    • Invite system – Sibling networks such as Dribbble and Forrst all require users to be invited to the network in able to restrict the user-base to users deemed a good fit for the community.   For a small fee you can become a Pro member which will unlock many features and make the whole experience even better. All while helping to cover hosting fees and other expenses the community will have.
      • Your invited/recruited users will reflect on your own Coderrrs Reputation score and Badges!    …Good and bad so be careful!  If you recruit a user who become a top user on the site….that is going to look good on you as it shows you spent your rare limited edition invite code on just the right 1 in a mill Jon Skeet Clones!  (Look at the userlist on the StackOverflow network if you are asking who Jon Skeet is!) out of thousands of potential shitty devs!  If your recruit gets in trouble for bashing ppl or causing trouble or breaking rules and posting poor content….sadly it will look as you didn’t pick a good qualified Pro Dev/Designer for our “Pros Only” community!  It could result in you earning a badge for picking the brightest Best Devs…..or one for picking the Garbage man who fooled you into vouching for him that he was an Expert JavaScript developer from Google!  Perhaps 30 days after a user is recruited, the code will compile a report on recruited users to determine the result for the above mentioned good/bad and reward you the appropriate Badges and Rep Points!  A Good badge might also result in earning +200 reputation points….to be fair this is the most fitting task to earn a “reputation” point!  A Bad recruit Badge might mean you losing -100 reputation points!…ouch!  The whole idea is to make you appreciate your invite codes when you do get them and use them to make the community better for all of us as a whole!
      • The reason for an invite only membership:  With open membership, a chef with no experience in our field would be able to join>  With the invite system, the chef could join if invited but is much more likely to not get an invite if they are not the user that can contribute to the community with good content for all to share.
        • Who gets the invite codes? Invite codes are given out to active users who get a good reputation with the reputation point system.  If a user is rarely active and doesn’t contribute much to the community.  They likely will not get many invite codes to give out.  ON the other hand, a user who is active frequently on the site posting content and helping other users and just being a good community member will likely get there reputation points built up quickly and these are the users who will get the most invite codes and it will be up to them to recruit users that they feel will be a good match for our Developer/Designer community of professionals.
    • PRO Membership – A PRO account will unlock features that a regualr user account fdoes not have access to.  Fees earned from membership dues will be used to pay for hosting and future development of new features and modules/sections.
      • NO advertisements
      • “Coderrrs” Stickers from Stickermule
      • More Messaging Privileges
      • Better opportunities for displaying yourself available for work.
      • More portfolio storage
      • More bookmarks storage
      • Recurring fee is billed to a credit-card automatically.
      • Just overall more storage and features in all the modules of the community.  These features are not 100% finalized yet and we are still deciding on new featyures to make a PRO membership worth while.
    • Friends/Followers – Still undecided on which model we want to go with (Friends or Folllowers).
      • Friends – The Friends model requires both users to approve of the friendship.  Either one can reject it or remove it at any time.
      • Followers – The Followers model allows any user to follow any other user.  The User you Follow does not have to approve of you following and does not have to reciprocate the follow back.
      • We could use your vote and input on which model you, the community would like us to use?
      • Friends or Followers, either will have a friend list on your profile.
      • Friend/Follower Groups/Lists – WHen adding a friend or following a user.  Instead of a massive list of friends we will likely allow you to group your friend/follow list into groups.  This will allow you for example to put all PHP friend into a group or all Magento friends into a group, etc…
    • Multi-sign-on using Social Network accounts – Using Oauth we will allow users to link there other Social Network accounts from GitHub, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and use any or all of them to login to the Coderrrs site.  If you do not want to use another social network to login to Coderrrs.  You will still be able to create a traditional account with an email and password.  For more awesomeness though you can even create an account with email/password and link as many of you social network and use any of them to login to the site…just like StackOverflow allows!
    • Self Moderated by community – Borrowing from the success of the self moderation that StackOverflow has demonstrated to be an excellent model.  We are also going to allow the community to self moderate itself based on users reputation points and badges.
    • Reputation Points and Badges – Similar to StackOverflow.
      • Reputation Point System – Users gain and earn reputation points based on participation and quality of there contributions to the community.  Badges are earned along the way as your reputation as an expert builds and grows!
      • Moderation capabilities – As you unlock badges and earn reputation poiunts.  You will unlock features and capabilities on the site.  THis will eventuially lead you to admin and moderation capabilities to edit other users content, delete content, and many other mod and admin capabilities once it is shown you are a loyal and relaibale user with an ecellent reputation.
      • Badges – Many badges are earned from participation on the community.  This whole concept is from StackExchange sites. (  .  For example there are badges earned by posting content that has X number of views, x number of votes, x number of days of consecutive logins on the site (100 days logged into the site in a row), Helping users solve problems, and loads/tons more of badges.
    • User Settings – The user control panel for setting your settings will allow you to update profiule data as well as turn on/off sections to be shown in your profile.  Profiles will have a drag and drop UI to allow you to drag and preposition section/widgets on your profile as well as add and remove them as you wish.
    • User Notifications – There will be a notifications modal/popover to show when your posts are commented on or votes or you are simply @username mentioned.
  • Skill Certification Tests – Many online Freelance sites such as Elance and Freelancer and all of them pretty  much allow you to take online certification skill tests and show it as a badge of qualification on your profile.  We will also do this.  For an example you could take the test for Magento or WordPress or PHP and if you pass with a good enough score.  Then you can show the certification on your Profile.  If you show a potential client your profile they could then see that you have passed the test to indicate you are somewhat qualified in the skill it is for.  This is also another way to earn badges and reputation points.
  • Web Development/Design Top Rated News – Similar to Reddit, Hacker News, and other similar sites which rank the content based on number of thumbs up votes
    • Filter to view all posts on the network
    • Filter to view only posts from users you Follow.
    • Filter to view posts by content type.  Graphics, Code, Marketing, etc…
    • Up/Down vote posts – You will be able to rate a post with an up or down vote.
    • Filter posts by number of Up votes.
    • A Dribbble style portfolio is available to all users.
    • Option to show recent portfolio entries and link to portfolio on your Profile page
    • Organize a collection of website bookmarks organized by Tags.
    • Option to make your bookmarks private for your eyes only or to share with the community.
    • Option to show recent bookmark entries on your profile.
    • Possibbly will be an API integration for syncing with
    • Option to show recent Blog entries and link to blog on your Profile page
    • Option to make code snippet public for all to see or private for personal use only.
    • Option to show recent Code snippet entries and link to code snippets on your Profile page
    • Groups will have a memberlist of all users who are in the group
    • Group page will have its own feed/wall of posts related to the group topic.
  • Forums or Question & Answer boards – This section is still undecided and will likely be a later add-on to the site.  We could possibly have a Forum for discussions or else a Quest and Answer system similar to StackOverflow.  Another idea is to possibly just have a Forum but have the forum be in each Group.  For example a WordPress or Magento Group or UX/UI Group would have its own Forum when viewing the Group page to discuss topics related to the group.
  • Sitewide Features – Just little features that do not fit into the other sections above…
    • Markdown support in all textareas.  We dont allow raw HTML but we will allow Github flavored Markdown support.
    • @username Mentions – Some areas of the site will allow you to mention a user like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Github do to allow you to mention a user in a comment or post and they will be notified of the mention with a notification.

Possible Future Sections:

  • Book Virtual Library – Virtual library of Programming, Design, Marketing, and other industry related books.  (FREE and Paid books) Will be similar to this site here
    • Book title
    • Book description
    • Book ISBN Number
    • Book Author
    • Book Tagged into topics (PHP, SEO, etc….)
    • Book Publish Date
    • Book Cover Image
    • Links to purchase book
    • If book is FREE then provide a link to download the eBook version of the book.
  • Marketplace – Marketplace to allow respected members of the community to sell items such as code libraries and eBooks.  Similar to and

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